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Wood floors have been around for thousands of years. They are famous for their beauty and durability, making them a common choice of flooring in residential and commercial properties. Over time, though, if the wood floors are not maintained properly, they can lose their beauty. Scheduling professional wood cleaning and refinishing of your floors has many benefits. The first is keeping your floor's appearance at its best beauty all the time, and the second is excluding the need to go through the painful and expensive process of resanding your wood floors.

Lotus Wood floor cleaning of Calgary proudly uses Basic® Coatings Machines and products to clean and refinish wood floors. We provide wood floor cleaning and refinishing services to the entire Calgary area.

Advised protection for homeowners:

• Use mats in heavy-traffic areas and doorways. Mats with rubber backing are not recommended as they might damage and discolor the wood.
• Use furniture pads to protect the wood floor finish.
• Clean and vacuum on a regular basis. Use neutral-pH wood floor cleaning products and very little moisture.
• Professional service cleaning must be done annually.

Things to avoid:

• Never use wax or silicon cleaning or polishing products.
• Avoid walking in high heels or dog nail scratches as they cause permanent damage to your floors.