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Tile and Grout Cleaning Services in Calgary

One of the least maintained floors nowadays are made from ceramic tiles and stone, but the time will come when it will not be possible to remove the buildup from over the years with home cleaning products and bare hands alone. Many people have terrible memories of scrubbing the floor on their hands and knees, trying and failing to get some results.

Lotus Cleaning Calgary has solutions for all of your tile and grout cleaning needs. With our advanced methods and the best products in existence for tile and grout cleaning, we will restore your tile to its original beauty. A wide variety of tile and stone is on the market these days. We identify the type of flooring you have and take special care in cleaning it to deliver many years of beautiful tile and grout.

Lotus Tile and Grout Cleaning Experts

Our highly skilled and educated technicians will deliver complete cleaning for every kind of hard surface flooring you might have including: ceramic tile, marble floor, granite tile, and stone flooring. We will make them shine as never before. We also offer grout resealing service which provides complete grout protection from permanent staining.

When it comes to a tile and grout floors, cleaning the buildup over time by yourself gets very hard. Our technicians are equipped with very powerful equipment and unique cleaning techniques. That's why our customers are amazed by the method we use and the results we get. We offer a wide range of hard floor services from residential tile and grout cleaning to commercial wax stripping and application.

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