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Area Rug Cleaning Calgary – Professional Area Rug Cleaning

Regular area rug cleaning guarantees that all of the dirt and the grime are removed and extends the life and the beauty of your rugs for generations to come. Depending on the traffic your area rugs get, we highly recommend to have them professionally cleaned at least once every year. It is vital to rotate your rugs every six months, so they get an equal amount of traffic and light. That way they wear and whiten less.

Skilled area rug cleaning technicians in Calgary use the best available state-of-the-art equipment and particular rug cleaning techniques to ensure your area rugs stay beautiful for years. We treat every type of carpet differently using a variety of cleaning methods and products.

Calgary Rug Cleaning – Oriental Rug Cleaning

No matter whether they are Persian, Pakistani, Indian, antique, or handmade oriental, all rugs will be in the right hands at Lotus Rug Cleaning Calgary. Having many years of experience working with different sensitivity fibers, we have mastered the best rug cleaning methods and products.

Rug Cleaning Methods we use

At Lotus Cleaning, the rug cleaning method we use most is a steam cleaning (hot water extraction) method. This approach provides deep cleaning of your area rugs, removing more dirt and cleaning solution residue than other cleaning methods.

For delicate and older rugs, we recommend the dry cleaning method. Whichever method we use, you can be confident that our choice is based on many years of experience, and you will be completely satisfied with the result.

Rug Stain Protection

After every rug cleaning, we recommend applying a stain protection product (OPTIONAL). That way, on every rug we clean, you will have a stain barrier that prevents staining and soiling. Professional quality rug protectors include Scotchgard™ Protector and Teflon® Protector.